Apple Butter Mummy Wax Melt

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Burner included?
Experience the ultimate Halloween aroma with our Apple Butter Mummy Wax Melt. This premium, scented wax carries a tantalizing aroma of fresh apples, luxuriously complemented by warm, buttery undertones to create a truly indulgent scent. Enjoy a strong, spicy scent that will fill your home with a sophisticated and festive atmosphere. approximately 40 grams each. All our wax products are hand poured using 100% natural wax, high quality fragrances and biodegradable glitters. They also come in biodegradable glassine bags. PLEASE NOTE: as these products are hand poured they may very slightly vary from the image above. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT EDIBLE AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD BE CONSUMED. PLEASE KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. PLEASE follow all the safety warnings on the product label.